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Kirtan Rabbi's brand-new CD, Nondual, is available and shipping today! We recommend the Five-pack for giving gifts. Shipping in the U.S. included free except for Topspins service fee.

Kirtan Rabbi

Full Digital Package


All three of Kirtan Rabbi's albums as a digital download. No need to wait for the CDs to arrive. Get the music now!

This offer contains:

-Prologue: Kedushah Traditional
-Kedushah Reggae
-All Worlds
-Zikr I: Adonai Melech
-Zikr II: Yah Melech
-Yotzer Or (Forming Light)
-Ahavah Rabah (Big Love)
-Ein Od Milvado (There is only One)
-Midot (Divine Attributes)
-Yotzer Or
-Salaam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu)
-Lecha Dodi
-Love Thy Neighbor
-Yah Ribon Olam
-Achat Sha'alti (Medley I)
-Shivti b'veit Adonai (Medley I)
-Mechayyei Hameitim (Medley II)
-Lulei He-emanti (Medley I)
-U-m'kayyeim Emunato (Medley II)
-Lo Teivoshi (Medley III)
-Shamor ve-Zachor (Medley III)
-Lecha Dodi (Medley III)
-Ozi ve-Zimrat Yah

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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