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Kirtan Rabbi's brand-new CD, Nondual, is available and shipping today! We recommend the Five-pack for giving gifts. Shipping in the U.S. included free except for Topspins service fee.

Kirtan Rabbi

5. Achat Sha'alti CD with Digital Download


Kirtan Rabbi’s second CD (2010). Features soothing vocals, dreamy loops and hypnotic world rhythms. Rabbi Shefa Gold calls Achat Sha'alti "inspiring from start to finish.” Includes one (1) Physical CD shipped out, plus immediate digital download.

This offer contains:

-Achat Sha'alti (one thing I seek) – CD
-Achat Sha'alti (Medley I)
-Shivti b'veit Adonai (Medley I)
-Mechayyei Hameitim (Medley II)
-Lulei He-emanti (Medley I)
-U-m'kayyeim Emunato (Medley II)
-Lo Teivoshi (Medley III)
-Shamor ve-Zachor (Medley III)
-Lecha Dodi (Medley III)
-Ozi ve-Zimrat Yah

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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