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Kirtan Rabbi's brand-new CD, Nondual, is available and shipping today! We recommend the Five-pack for giving gifts. Shipping in the U.S. included free except for Topspins service fee.

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1. Nondual CD with Digital Download


Described as “pure joy” by Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagen of Nava Tehila in Jerusalem and dubbed "Candy for the Ears” by Michael Fossenkemper (who, granted, mastered it on Halloween),Kirtan Rabbi’s brand-new album, Nondual, offers a completely new sound guaranteed to take you to places no Kirtan has gone before. Destined to be a world music hit, the music on this CD is so beautiful, you might forget to sing along —but please don’t! Includes one (1) Physical CD shipped out, plus immediate digital download. If you are looking for a great gift for the holiday season, please consider our 5 for 3 offer.

This offer contains:

-Kirtan Rabbi: Nondual – CD
-Prologue: Kedushah Traditional
-Kedushah Reggae
-All Worlds
-Zikr I: Adonai Melech
-Zikr II: Yah Melech
-Yotzer Or (Forming Light)
-Ahavah Rabah (Big Love)
-Ein Od Milvado (There is only One)

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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